About Us

Why Choose Prema® Fabric

Prema® was carefully crafted by our founder, a chemist with a passion for sustainable, safe, and innovative textiles. After investing three years in research and development, our founder successfully created Prema®, a fabric that meets the highest antibacterial standards, with a focus on efficacy and sustainability.

Our secret is in the trade-protected silver-poly science that is embedded in the fabric, ensuring that our antibacterial technology lasts the lifetime of the product. Prema® was initially launched in the fitness apparel market as an anti-stink solution but quickly expanded to other industries due to the high demand for sustainable and antibacterial textiles.

Today, Prema® fabric is trusted by industries worldwide, including healthcare, apparel, military, hospitality and more. Our fabric is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and even after 100 washes, it is still 98% antibacterial. We believe in creating safer and cleaner products, and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions. 

Proven Technology

Clean and Sustainable Protection

Did you know that your clothes can harbor bacteria for weeks or even months, even after being washed? We developed a proprietary knit blend of silver-poly fibers and Supima® Cotton, the world’s finest cotton, to address this issue. Our technology is gentle on the skin and the environment while effectively inhibiting bacteria growth.

Our products offer superior odor control and eliminate bacteria growth immediately. Our technology has been independently verified through extensive testing using the industry standard test methodology, AATCC 100. Our ingredients are EPA-registered and formulated without harsh chemicals or solvents, ensuring safe, reliable, and cost-effective protection.

Choose Prema® for clean, sustainable, and effective protection you can trust.